Josh Shalinsky


With a diverse background in sales, finance, and investor relations, Mr. Shalinsky is a dynamic professional who excels in connecting businesses with opportunities for growth. Josh’s journey in sales began with over a year of experience in inside sales and door-to-door sales, where he honed his communication and persuasion skills. His ability to build rapport and drive results made him a standout performer in the field. Transitioning to the world of finance and accounting, Mr. Shalinsky has spent time delving into the intricacies of financial management and analysis. His analytical mindset and attention to detail have proven to be invaluable assets in this domain. In his role as a senior analyst for an investor relations company, Mr. Shalinsky shines as a bridge between clients and opportunities. He excels at introducing clients to his team and providing them with qualified leads, showcasing his ability to connect businesses with the right resources for success.

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